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Digital Editions

Unny E P: Cartoon collection— contents


Title: Art, Cartoons and Calligraphy.

Author(s): Sayahna Foundation.

First publication details: Sayahna Foundation; Trivandrum, Kerala; 2021-10-03.

Deafult language: en, English.

Keywords: Art, Cartoons, Calligraphy, Open Access Publishing, English, Sayahna Foundation, Free Software, TEI, XML, PDF, TeX.

Digital Publisher: Sayahna Foundation; JWRA 34, Jagthy; Trivandrum 695014; India.

Date: December 4, 2021.

Credits: The text of the original item is copyrighted to the author. The text encoding and editorial notes were created and/or prepared by the Sayahna Foundation and are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution By ShareAlike 4.0 International License (cc-by-sa 4.0). Any reuse of the material shall credit the Sayahna Foundation and shall be shared under the same terms.

Production history: Encoding: CV Radhakrishnan.

Production notes: The entire document processing has been done in a computer running gnu/linux operating system and TeX and friends. The pdf has been generated using XeLaTeX from TeXLive distribution 2021 using Ithal, an online framework for text formatting. The tei (p5) encoded xml has been generated from the same LaTeX sources using LuaLaTeX. html version has been generated from the xml using xslt stylesheet (en-tei-html.xsl) developed by CV Radhakrkishnan in combination with the free home edition of Saxon processor for xslt v. 10.5.

Fonts: The basefont used in pdf and html versions is Cormorant Garamond developed by Christian Thalmann, a type designer based in Zurich, Switzerland. The title and headings are with Cormorant sc; the catchline and the footer make use of Cormorant Upright developed by the same designer.

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